Thursday :: Aug 31, 2006

Open Thread - Channeling Murrow Edition

by Steve

Image and link courtesy of Crooks and Liars

Keith Olbermann stepped into Edward R. Murrow’s shoes for a night with a devastating critique of Rummy and the Bush Administration. The shoes fit pretty well, and there is a lot of ammo to use against Rummy and the rest of the fascists.

Atrios has the text of his remarks, as does Keith himself but it is even more powerful as a video.

This is why Olbermann's ratings are going up while O'Reilly's are going down. But don't hold your breath waiting for anyone else to call out these fascists, because the rest of them like the cocktail weenies a little too much.

You can send Olbermann a note of thanks here.

OK, your turn.

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