Friday :: Sep 1, 2006

Open Thread - California Dreaming Edition

by Mary

California is ready to put real focus on global warming by reducing greenhouse gases. Although the oil refineries are predicting doom, a number of key players, including PG&E are excited about the direction because they see this being a good thing environmentally, but also a winner for California in providing the future technology that will be important to the world going forward. This truly is a good news story when way too much of the news these days is depressing.

A quick housekeeping note: on Friday evening, 10:30pm PDT, our hosting provider will be moving our server to a new data center, so we'll be offline for a bit. Everything should be back to normal by 4:30 am Saturday.

Update: our provider has sent a new note saying that the anticipated move would be rescheduled for another night. See you all on the late night threads.

Here's a TGIF open thread.

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