Saturday :: Sep 2, 2006

Confronting Selective Media Facts About 9/11

by Duckman GR

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Via Think Progress commenter via Atrios, here's an editorial you need to read. Because when ABC airs this bs "docudrama," and we all know docudrama's are based on reality, right, the wingnuts and the gopper fascists are going to go even more obnoxious in their self delusions and denials.

So we better have some facts ready at hand, and Pitts article has a couple. Let me excerpt a few graphs to highlight what they are since there's no way we could get the liberal media to pull this, although we should try, like the cowards at CBS pulled "The Reagans" under winger pressure. [My bolds throughout]

Clinton's dire public warnings about the threat posed by terrorism, and the actions taken to thwart it, went completely unreported by the media, which was far more concerned with stained dresses and baseless Drudge Report rumors. When the administration did act militarily against bin Laden and his terrorist network, the actions were dismissed by partisans within the media and Congress as scandalous "wag the dog" tactics. The news networks actually broadcast clips of the movie "Wag the Dog" while reporting on his warnings, to accentuate the idea that everything the administration said was contrived fakery.

In Congress, Clinton was thwarted by the reactionary conservative majority in virtually every attempt he made to pass legislation that would attack al-Qaeda and terrorism. His 1996 omnibus terror bill, which included many of the anti-terror measures we now take for granted after September 11, was withered almost to the point of uselessness by attacks from the right; Senators Jesse Helms and Trent Lott were openly dismissive of the threats Clinton spoke of.


In fact, Gramm was compelled to kill the bill because his most devoted patrons, the Enron Corporation and its criminal executives in Houston, were using those same terrorist financial networks to launder their own dirty money and rip off the Enron stockholders. It should also be noted that Gramm's wife, Wendy, sat on the Enron Board of Directors.

Just before departing office, Clinton managed to make a deal with the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development to have some twenty nations close tax havens used by al-Qaeda. His term ended before the deal was sealed, and the incoming Bush administration acted immediately to destroy the agreement.

I just love how the rightnuts completely ignore facts. I know why bushco does, it's not in their business interests to worry about policy consequences, as phil and wendy gramm and enron reminds us, but why do the wingers cling so desperately to these delusions? That one I can't really fathom.

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