Saturday :: Sep 2, 2006

The 'Assassination' Of George Bush

by pessimist

Regular readers of this blog know that I am no fan of George W. Bush. But I reject any glee over the presentation on British telelvision of a fictional assassination of him.

In fact, I'm outraged, for the world is a violent enough place, and the idea that violence actually solves problems is to be discouraged at all costs. Because of my beliefs, I call for all liberal blogs to reject the notion of assassinating Bu$hCo operatives at any level.

Besides - we'd only get Cheney'd with his replacement.

It is Mrs P's contention that if Bush were to really be assassinated, our nation will only sink into the gutter. All of the efforts and sacrifices of those who brought this country into being will have been for nothing, and we will revert to a Thuggee tribalism, where no one and no group can be trusted, and the base Bu$hCo policy of pre-emptive action will become the norm, the standard of behavior.

Is that the life you want for your kids' future?

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