Saturday :: Sep 2, 2006

Have Yourself A Merry Little Fitzmas?

by pessimist

No one buys that Richard Armitage opened up his big yap and 'let slip' Valerie Plame Wilson's covert CIA status. But something much more believeable must be in the works, and Bu$hCo doesn't like it - not one little bit. Not based on the latest outrages they are fomenting.

The Evidence? The Wilsons are again being slandered by the editorial board of The Washington Post, and both WaPo and The New York Times are targeting Patrick Fitzgerald with their special brand of Bu$hCo BS.

The Motive? Larry Johnson of No Quarter puts it like this:

[I]t appears that Mr. Fitzgerald may be on the verge of asking the Grand Jury to indict Dick Cheney and Stephen Hadley.

When it comes to hanging on to power in Washington all is fair, regardless of job performance and competence. And, when it comes to poltical survival for the discredited Bush Administration, trashing a courageous, honest prosecutor is okay.

Karl Rove is no dummy and ... know[s] that if Fitz drops a new legal bomb before the November elections on someone in the Administration that the Republican ship of state will sunder.

We liberals and progressives may yet have something to celebrate. I wonder if being frog-marched tenderizes the meat?

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