Sunday :: Sep 3, 2006

It's Time For The GOP To Show Their True Commitment To The War

by Steve

So GOP Representative Chris Shays says today that despite his call for an exit timeline from Iraq last month, and despite his own conscientious objector status to military service, he still supports the Iraq war and Bush's policy, and simply wants to pressure the Iraqis to do a better job themselves.

I have a question for all the GOP congressman and senators who still support this war, and who see the sons and daughters of their constituents come home in boxes as a result of their constant support for a war that a majority of this country is now against: when are your kids going over to Iraq to replace the kids of your constituents, some of whom are on their second, third, or fourth tours of duty?

Specifically Representative Shays, and given your announced support for this war again today, when is your daughter going to take a leave from college at Yale this fall and go over to Iraq so that a Connecticut family will get their son or daughter finally home from that war, like Corporal Jordan C. Pierson of Milford, Connecticut, who was killed August 25? You see, Jordan postponed his own studies at the University of Connecticut to serve in Iraq.

This country is full of broken families who have seen their sons or daughters postpone their plans to bravely serve this country and go to war for Bush's policy, only to lose their lives or come back seriously hurt. Their service is to be lauded and never forgotten, especially by those GOP representatives and senators who continue to support this war as long as someone else's kids make the ultimate sacrifice so that their own kids can continue with their plans.

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