Tuesday :: Sep 5, 2006

Republican as fraud

by Duckman GR

Here's a poignant reminder of what a load of crap the gop is.

Via DKos and another Corruption Chronicleer, LieparDestin. Read the hypocrisy here,

Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott, R-MS, doubted that the Senate would rush to action before they recess this weekend. The Senate needs to study all the options, he said, and trying to get it done in the next three days would be tough.

Compare the GOP lead Congressional approach to Bill Clinton's more modest efforts to combat terrorism, the right way, with intelligence with the gop approach. (Looks like a nice review of the whole miserable Patriot Act bill-check it out)

When the legislative proposals were introduced by the Bush administration in the aftermath of September 11th, Attorney General John Ashcroft gave Congress one week in which to pass the bill -- without changes. Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, managed to convince the Justice Department to agree to some changes, and members of the House began to make significant improvements. However, the Attorney General warned that further terrorist acts were imminent, and that Congress could be to blame for such attacks if it failed to pass the bill immediately.

They couldn't be bothered to rush things. Now of course, since the attack has materialized that some expedited Congressional action might've prevented, it's rush rush rush, rush the tax cuts, rush the war, rush the Shock and Awe and water down it's shocking effect, you'd think this was all just PR for the bloviating gasbag on the radio.

And there's more below.

Here in all it's glory. And remember it well. To any Democratic politician who might be reading this, this is why we want you to fight these people, not try to reason with them, or convince them, or shame them into doing the right thing. They're not capable.

The Republicans also dropped the additional wire-tap authority the Clinton administration wanted. U.S. Attorney general Janet Reno had asked for "multi-point" tapping of suspected terrorists, who may be using advanced technology to outpace authorities.

And the taggant issue that squirming orrin hatch was so concerned about? Why was the gop so worried about tagging explosives nyway? Could it be they didn't want American explosives manufacturers getting their product traced to various outrages? How much explosives are they selling to the terrorists anyway?

Oh, and nice job Tom Daschle rushing that bill through Congress, excellent stewardship there, Senator.

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