Tuesday :: Sep 5, 2006

Open Thread - Back To Work

by pessimist

Now that the annual photo-op honoring labor is ended, it's back to work as usual, slaves.

While the Congress recently failed to pass an increase in the minimum wage, several sates are taking it upon themselves to raise it within their borders. A few states, such as Massachusetts, are beginning to legislate wide-spread (NOT universal) health care coverage. It may only be a matter of time before a state legislates old age pension coverage once the Republican Party achieves the final kill ('privatization') of Social Security.

All three of these topics were once national needs covered by the Democratic New Deal, and the coverage of them has been (or is on the way to being) curtailed or eliminated by the Republican Screw Deal. What had been a level playing field across the nation is becoming a patchwork quilt of state patches, and only the wealthier states can afford to be in the patching business.

Those states which can enact a higher minimum wage and some kind of health care coverage will be attracting people from states that can't, creating - in effect - a 'domestic immigrant' problem, which will only exacerbate the ones induced by the massive influx of low-wage cash-based, non-tax-paying foreigners (This doesn't include those who are paying taxes like the rest of us, just the one's you see in the parking lot of your local Home Depot).

The seed questions for the day: Has the federal government abrogated its duty to the citizenry? What will happen to the various state economies after the goal of Grover Norquist is realized, and the federal 'monster' is finnaly small enough to drown in a bath tub? Can the country even survive under such conditions, or will it break up into numerous entities, as in the Balkans?

Do tell! I yield the floor.

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