Tuesday :: Sep 5, 2006

Putting The Poodle Down?

by pessimist

The First Poodle is about to take that final walk? Maybe.

Yahoo excerpts a report from the 'Labour-supporting tabloid Daily Mirror' which claims that Blair is under intense political pressure to resign based on 'a leaked memo' which 'set out his "exit strategy" '.

They also relate that 'The BBC also reported late on Monday that at least three letters are circulating among Labour MPs calling for Blair to step down, one of which says he should do so immediately.'

Why the Bum's Rush for Blair?

To begin with, while there is a theoretical maximum to the term a government can serve in office in Britain, there is no miminum. New electionc can be called at any time. Right now, this would not be a good time for Labour to face an election:

News of the letters coincided with the publication of a Populus poll in The Times on Tuesday showing support for Labour fell while the opposition Conservatives held their ground.

Of the 1,504 people surveyed by Populus for The Times, 32 percent supported Labour, a two percentage point decline since July, while 36 percent declared support for the Conservatives.

Tuesday's poll is the latest in a string of such surveys indicating support for Labour is dropping -- a YouGov poll published in The Daily Telegraph last month showed support for the Tories at 38 percent, with Labour at 31 percent.

It has gone on far too long for Labour to have a chance at victory without convincing Tony to fall on his sword. Even then, they will have to hoist him on his own petard, as he still isn't getting the message that it's past time for him to go home. Does he think that Field Marshall Rummydummy is going to ride to his rescue and name him the PNAC pro-consul of Britain afterwards?

I used to think Tony was intelligent!

If he was, he'd go ahead and resign, and take that job Rupert Murdoch offered him when he was at Carmel not too long ago.

He - and Britain - would be much better off for it.

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