Tuesday :: Sep 5, 2006

GOP: Immigration Reform No, Defending Rumsfeld Yes

by Steve

“I doubt there is any other American who could have done a better job over the last five years.”
--House Majority Leader John Boehner, defending Rummy

Defending Donald Rumsfeld and smearing Democrats for allegedly surrendering to terrorists has become more important to this GOP congress before the midterms than passing immigration reform after they have had total control of the government these last four years.

The GOP has ditched its plans to tackle immigration reform between now and the midterms, so that their internal divisions on the issue aren’t exposed weeks before the election. Instead, the GOP has decided to focus as much time as possible on convincing voters that Democrats want, as Mitch McConnell said, to waive the white flag on fighting terrorism. The GOP will run almost exclusively from here on out on the same agenda they ran on in 2002 and 2004, and plans to defend Donald Rumsfeld from Democratic calls for his resignation. Note the wonderful quote that John Boehner gave Nancy Pelosi and Rahm Emanuel in his defense of Rumsfeld.

Do the Republicans really think they can rally their base by telling them no one could have done a better job as defense secretary these last five years than Donald Rumsfeld? How many cultists are going to turn out in November to save Rummy's skin, now that the GOP can't beat up immigrants after ditching the issue?

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