Wednesday :: Sep 6, 2006

What CBS Did When GOP Protested Reagan Movie

by paradox

If you haven’t bookmarked Anonymous Liberal I highly recommend it—he is a very good writer with a fine, open mind. Perusing the blogs last night I ran across an excellent post of his about our dear friends at ABC.

Turns out this is not the only time a “docudrama” has cause a firestorm of protest. In 2003 CBS created “The 20th Century’s Greatest President” (Ronald Reagan). I know, I know. But even with that ridiculous title the wingnuts still got frantically upset, for there were two scenes where Ronnie was not constantly canonized, which could never be.

What happened? CBS caved, of course. After CBS had been swamped by vociferous complaints across the conservative spectrum they yanked it and sold it to Showtime.

What will happen this time, when liberals and progressives are furious for the rank propaganda over 9/11? CBS will run it, of course.

American networks and journalism will always defer to conservative wishes, whether it’s programming, reporting or setting the agenda. Always, every single time. They’ve rigged our political game to the point where half the bloggers in the country state media reform as our number 1 priority to fix.

Whether or not that’s correct is open to debate, but the behavior of ABC certainly isn’t. They’re disgusting propagandists who rankly, crudely defer to conservatives with any kind of lie they like. Like most of American journalism, they are a disgrace, a gross embarrassment, and a vicious bunch of fools greatly helping to take our country down.

Thanks again to Anonymous Liberal for such good work.

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