Thursday :: Sep 7, 2006

Open Thread - Poodle Meltdown Edition

by Steve

While we focus on our own issues over here, it appears that Tony Blair and Chancellor Gordon Brown are in a death match overseas, with the fate of the Labour Party hanging in the balance. Blair’s support has been tumbling within his own party since his steadfast poodle-like support for Bush’s pro-Israel position during the disastrous IDF-Hezbollah showdown in July, and now it appears that Brown may have overplayed his hand in trying to force Blair to set a departure date well in advance of next fall.

Tony Blair and New Labour will be the latest casualty of George W. Bush’s foreign policy, and I doubt anyone at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue cares. That is what is so sad about Blair’s downfall: he never understood that he was nothing more than the ultimate sap for Bush. And now he will be handing Parliament to the Conservatives and David Cameron as a result.

OK, it's your turn.

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