Thursday :: Sep 7, 2006

Clinton Tells ABC To Fix It Or Pull It

by Steve

Bill Clinton tells ABC to either fix the 9/11 smear movie to be an accurate depiction, or pull it. I'm glad he is doing this, but they won't.

Disney and ABC are GOP propaganda outlets. Every time you buy something that is Disney or visit one of their theme parks, you are contributing to the GOP. Every time you watch an ABC show, you are helping the GOP. Every time you allow crap like this to happen, like it happened when Michael Eisner shut down Michael Moore in 2004, you are allowing Disney to dictate to you and your kids a conservative future through mass marketed propaganda.

Bill can scream all he wants, but Disney only cares about 1) conservative politics; and 2) cash. Disney and ABC want obedience to conservatism and consumerism, peddled through the sooothing images of Mickey, Minnie, and Donald. Just don't think too much, and Disney will be happy. And never, ever, question the far right party line.

I hope Bill and Hill are happy at all the ass-kissing they have been doing with the Bush family.

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