Thursday :: Sep 7, 2006

ABC Blows Off Clinton - Puts Politics And Profits Ahead Of The National Interest

by Steve

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Disney blew off Clinton’s call for the movie to be corrected or dumped by saying curiously that the movie, which was already screened for right wing pundits and bloggers as part of its rollout campaign, isn’t finished yet. ABC told Clinton to shut up until he sees the movie, which is a poor way to say “wait until the propaganda is aired and you are smeared before complaining about what we just did to you.” And if you think that Disney spent $20 million $40 million on this right wing smear, only to change it at the last minute to make it “accurate” guess again. They can’t drop the movie now without running into trouble with their stockholders, who will want to know why ABC chief Robert Iger gave the cultists $20 million in the first place so that ABC can be used as an extension of the White House. And since the movie is in the can already it cannot be changed enough to make it accurate without reshooting it, which isn’t going to happen either. They will show this movie with few if any changes to the original Limbaugh-approved version.

There is a simple question that needs to be asked and answered here: which high-level Disney executive green-lighted this project and the expenditure of these funds for a right wing political hit piece on ABC's prime-time schedule?

Screw Disney and ABC. Call your ABC affiliate and tell them you won’t be watching the fall season if they run this propaganda, and tell Disney you are finished with them also. At some point in this country, Democrats will have to organize and boycott large corporations that bankroll the GOP and only want to take your money and tell you to shut up. Well, two can play that game.

Update: Ranking Member George Miller of the House Education Committee issued a statement a short while ago congratulating Scholastic for distancing itself somewhat from the Disney smear movie today. Miller went on to bash Disney for putting fiction and profits ahead of the country.

Update #2: Harry Reid and the Senate Democratic leadership fires a shot, reminding Disney that they are using the public airwaves.

Update #3: If ABC gave the right wing $40 million for this project, and isn't running advertisements, then isn't this a $40 million contribution to the GOP?

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