Thursday :: Sep 7, 2006

Enough Is Enough

by pessimist

Based on the crap that got logged in on this comment thread, I have decided that since I have blogging rights on this site, I will be the one to have something to say in my posts.

I have decided that Billmon (sorry, Steve G.!) had the right idea when he stopped allowing comments on his site. I understand from experience why sites monitor their comment threads and ban people and delete their comments. But as I and the other bloggers here on The Left Coaster have real-world jobs and a limited amount of time to perform such functions, we aren't able to follow that model. I am not going to waste my time watching Steve Soto's blog money get vaporized by people who would rather flame each other than discuss the topic of the post.


This doesn't mean that you won't have the right to comment. You may do so at, and I will post the comments I deem worthy of publication at least once a week.

You have left me no other option.

This restriction only applies to my posts. The other authors may or may not decide to follow my lead. If they choose to continue to allow comments, you will continue to be able to do so on their comment threads.

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