Friday :: Sep 8, 2006

No More "Speeches" To Nation Without Rebuttal, Mr. Bush

by Steve

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Since we are in the middle of an election season, and with at least a third of the country now suspicious of the Administration’s 9/11 behavior and the “official” government version of what happened and why, can someone explain to me why the networks should give George W. Bush time for a speech on 9/11 without a Democratic rebuttal? If the anniversary was taking place away from an election season, and if this White House had not manipulated the anniversary of late for partisan advantage in the final 60 days before the election, and if Disney hadn’t given a $40 million contribution in kind to the RNC and White House by letting a right wing cabal ("people of integrity" my ass, Tom Kean!) produce a piece of propaganda blaming Democrats for the attacks, then perhaps I would understand why Bush gets to spread the manure without rebuttal. But those days are long gone.

Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi should immediately contact the networks and demand time for a response and a Democratic pushback on the grounds that the White House has politicized the anniversary for partisan gain in the midterms, as evidenced by the GOP's own actions. And Dean should specifically point his guns at Disney and ABC, and force them to deny his request so that it will be clear for all to see that the networks, and especially Disney/ABC are in the bag for the GOP as propaganda outlets for the right wing in this country.

Bush gets no more free passes because he and his cronies have politicized an anniversary that should have been an occasion to bring this country together. Democrats need to demand an opportunity to respond and take the fight right back at him. They can start by asking voters a simple question: If this man claims to be so focused on finding and bringing to justice those who murdered our countrymen on 9/11, then why did his administration encourage the Pakistanis to give Osama a free pass almost five years after Bush gave Osama free passage at Tora Bora?

After seeing how willing this president is to let Osama run free, Americans are right to be suspicious of this administration and the 9/11 attacks, and the Democrats need to ask tough questions and ask why this president has now let Osama run free twice.

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