Friday :: Sep 8, 2006

Disney GOP Propaganda Update

by Steve

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Some recent developments in the Disney/ABC propaganda effort to prop up the White House and GOP for the midterms:

The director of this right wing propaganda has ties to an evangelical group that wants to change Hollywood by stacking it with young Christians. And not one person at Disney or ABC checked this guy out before spending $40 million on this project?

For those of you who think there is no libel case against Disney and ABC should this show air and smear Clinton Administration officials, not so fast.

As Matt Stoller said today, there are several ways this will get much worse for Disney. Incoming Democratic chairmen on key House committees will rethink their positions on Disney-friendly legislation and laws dealing with copyright, media consolidation, and other issues. And that doesn’t even touch what may happen to Disney and its advertisers and local affiliates as a result of airing this propaganda. I’m sure Nancy Pelosi will have a long memory and will make Disney burn in hell next spring. Sure, Bush will veto these measures but he will be taking his party down with him when he does just in time for 2008. And Disney will have to spend a lot of money fighting it out on K Street.

The DNC has 120,000 petitions already on this, and you can sign one here. DailyKos’s McJoan has a list of things you can do here, including letting George Mitchell have a piece of your mind. You can also contact your nearest ABC affiliate and especially their Sales Manager and let them know you won’t be watching their local news anymore, which is where their money comes from.

To his credit, Bill Bennett says the movie should be fixed or sacked. So does John Podhoretz. Bob Kerrey also says ABC should fix the film.

Variety reported today that ABC is considering canning the show. I’ll believe it when I see it. Any network that would lie so easily about the movie not being done yet when they told the wingers it was done a week ago after it got their seal of approval isn’t going to let go unless corporate scapegoats downstream entertainment and marketing ideologues who wanted to give blowjobs to Karl Rove.

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