Friday :: Sep 8, 2006

David Horowitz Behind Disney's GOP Propaganda

by Steve

Two more updates on the Disney propaganda for the GOP. First, it was revealed today that David Horowitz, the noted Clinton hater, was behind this movie. So Disney gave $40 million of its shareholders’ money to fund a right wing loon’s wet dream in prime time, two years after telling Michael Moore that his movie was too political for them to be associated with it. (Of course, you had to pay to see Moore's picture at a theater, when instead Disney will pipe Horowitz's smear into your home for free.) When will Disney give Noam Chomsky $40 million to make a movie in prime time attacking the Bush Administration? Seriously, didn't anyone at Disney or ABC have the slightest alarm at funding this project given who was behind it?

Second, Al Gore, who now runs second to Hillary for the 2008 nomination according to a recent poll, weighed in today as well.

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