Saturday :: Sep 9, 2006

Disney Goes Ahead With The Smear - Will It Reap The Consequences?

by Steve

Yes, Disney/ABC will go ahead and run their right wing propaganda tomorrow night and Monday, no matter that the FBI backed away from it a year ago, and no matter that its director admits it is his version of events, a version that is targeted at Clinton. Folks, Disney has too much invested politically and corporately to back away from this now. The only response is to hold Disney, your local ABC affiliate, and those who support right wing propaganda on public airwaves accountable for fascism, because that is exactly what this is.

You can read the Los Angeles Times’ media critic Tim Rutten’s review of the movie here, a generally spot-on review. The Times’ Samantha Bonar also provides a solid review of the movie’s shortcomings, evaluating the finished product that Disney sent out to the right wingers earlier in August that they now claim wasn’t finished yet. Bonar also points out that the movie’s writer and producer Cyrus Nowrasteh relied on his own version of history between 1993 and 1998 for the movie, something that apparently never troubled anyone at Disney.

Like John at AmericaBlog points out, after he has seen the first two hours of the movie today, there is no way that Disney can edit the movie to remove the falsehoods they spread about Sandy Berger. Plus, as he points out, the libel laws in Great Britain are more pro-plaintiff than those over here, and the BBC is planning to air the Disney propaganda tomorrow. So Clinton, Albright, and Berger would have a much easier shot at blowing a hole in the BBC than they might here, especially since the movie is being marketed overseas as "exactly what happened" and as the "official true story."

I think the attorneys will be busy Monday morning.

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