Sunday :: Sep 10, 2006

Bush Countdown Clock

by Mary

Dan Froomkin found an article about how Josh Bolten has a Bush Clock that he displays to show that there's lots of time left for Bush's administration to do things (including destroying Social Security, invading Iran, and any number of other things they dream up).

"I keep that clock as a reminder to myself that we have a lot of days left," Bolten says. "We have ample time to accomplish many things but not so many that we can waste a single day ... and I know that's the president's attitude. He wants to make the most of the time that we have left." Bolten was reminded that Bush has roughly the same number of days left that Gerald Ford had in his entire administration. "It's a good amount of time," he replied. One top priority: preparing a 2007 White House push for expanded use of nuclear energy and biofuels as a way to lessen dependence on foreign oil.

Yes, indeed. That's why I have a Bush Countdown keychain: so I can mark off the days, the hours, the minutes and seconds we are forced to put up with this administration. Although it sure would be easier to keep it in check if we can take back the Congress.


From Dan:

I asked you readers how I could get one, and dozens of you replied. Apparently, these clocks are quite popular with folks who, unlike Bolten, can't wait for the Bush term to be over.

Among the Web sites meeting this demand:, which offers keychains, desk clocks and wall clocks for sale, as well as a free screensaver, computer desktop clock, flash clock and code for your blog or Web page;; and Bookshop Santa Cruz.

Friends of mine picked up one for me from Bookshop Santa Cruz.

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