Sunday :: Sep 10, 2006

Just When You Thought You Have Heard It All

by pessimist

One of my GOC(CA)R coworkers sent me an email from Donald Wildmon's American Family Association wackos which claims they are the reason Ford is having economic troubles. Why? Because Ford won't agree to see things their way and not 'promote' homosexuality with their advertising, they are boycotting Ford vehicle purchases.

I wonder why they aren't crowing about how bad they are making things for GM as well! What about their efforts against DaimlerChrysler? Do they both not advertise on the same shows which 'portray homosexual activity as normal' like Ford does? Are they not boycotting them as well?

Why stop there? Why not also boycott the farmers who grow the food that keeps gays alive? Maybe they could also boycott voting for the government which won't subject gays to summary execution just to satisfy the American Family Association!

Wait! I have a better idea! Since they don't like it here on Earth, why don't they follow the next comet to one of those Earth-like planets that litter the universe?

They could have the place entirely to themselves. I promise not to knock on their door once the move.

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