Tuesday :: Sep 12, 2006

Democrats Need To Stop Whining And Nail The Used Car Salesman

by Steve

Reuters photo of the used car salesman at work.

Listening to Democrats whine about the White House politicizing 9/11 frankly gets old. We have been treated to several comments today in response to Bush’s linking of 9/11 with Iraq in his short speech last night by Democrats who take offense. Shut the f*ck up. The reason why Democrats continue to lose to these guys is because five years after 9/11 they continue to whine about the GOP’s behavior instead of doing something about it.

Of course Bush and the White House lie about everything. That is your problem Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy, not theirs. Why do you still assume that they will not politicize 9/11? Instead, you should assume that they will politicize everything and lie about it, and remind the media of this in advance, undermining the GOP’s message. Hell even the voters in red states know that Bush is politicizing the war on terror, and yet you still whine about it instead of telling voters to expect the worst from this group of losers in the White House. Ask voters why the White House spends more time politicizing everything than they ever do at getting anything right?

Of course Bush will continue to tie Iraq to 9/11, because their Iraq policy is a failure, because their worldview is so limited and faulty that they cannot come up with anything else, and because it is easier to scare the crap out of voters than it is to get something right. It is your problem Democrats that you haven’t been able to set the frame with the media and the public that these guys don’t know what the hell they are doing and have no Plan B to get us out, and yet will continue to lie about it. It is your fault Democrats that you don’t have the guts to tell the public that frankly you are smarter than the White House and its sycophants, and have a plan to get us out while still giving Iraq a chance at a new start. Since you don’t have the courage of your convictions on Iraq, why should you expect the public to abandon the GOP on terrorism and Iraq and listen to you, when you can’t attack the GOP’s fantasies and myths about Iraq? Ask voters if Iraq is going so well, why are the Iraqis planning for a civil war already so that an Islamic state can settle in? Is that the result the White House desired when it tied 9/11 to Iraq?

Of course the GOP Senators are all talk and no action when it comes to opposing the White House and setting a new course, whether it be on Iraq, regional security, detainee treatment, or anything else. The House and Senate GOP are pussies, including McCain, and are afraid of their own shadows. Stop waiting for the Senate GOP to take some independent action, blame them for caving when they do, and tell the public that if they want a change in course, they must stop being let down by the Senate and House GOP and elect Democrats to offer a different direction. And yes, call out McCain, Graham, Specter, Warner, and all the GOP Senate incumbents this year for being rubber-stamping pussies who would sell this country down the river if Bush told them to. Tie Bush like an anvil around the neck of Ricky Santorum, Mike DeWine, Jim Talent, Conrad Burns, and all House GOP incumbents and tell voters if you want more of the same then vote for the GOP and stop complaining.

Lastly, stop complaining and start adapting to do what is necessary to defeat a party pushing a failing strategy. There is no reason for Democrats to be losing to these guys except for a lack of guts and killer instinct. You will have to assume the worst from these guys and get down in the gutter with them, hitting them hard, early, and often. Stop your whining and talk plainly and succinctly about the lies, the failures, and the lack of imagination and intelligence with these folks. And question their patriotism for a change, and ask why is everything about money and power with the GOP instead of about finding Osama and winning a real war against terror. Ask the voters why the White House puts more effort into winning campaigns, photo ops, and scaring voters every two years than they do in making the country safer and defeating terrorist threats. And ask the voters if they have had enough, or will they fall for it again?

Just simply ask the voters if they would buy a used car from the president, and if they and the country are better off now than they were six years ago. Republicans seemingly are afraid to admit they are Republicans at a time Democrats are still afraid of their shadows.

Make Bush and Cheney into used car salesmen and make that image stick.

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