Tuesday :: Sep 12, 2006

Thanks Keith

by Steve

Image and link from Crooks and Liars

There is a reason why Keith Olbermann’s ratings are going up while Fox and some at CNN are going down. There are a limited number of Kool-Aid drinking cultists out there, who get told what to think by Fox and Rush. There is a sizeable middle in this country that doesn’t pay much attention to Fox because they know it is GOP/fascist mindless propaganda, and would rather hear something with passion and common sense. And then there are millions of Democrats and progressives who see that the right wing directly control Fox, GE, and Disney, and have more or less given up on television for information and opinion. So when someone comes along and speaks the truth directly to the fascists in power, his ratings go up while the ratings of the propagandists go down.

Yet there are some in the media, namely the Washington Post editorial page and Disney/ABC that value Iraq war propagandists more than they value the truth or an accounting of their complicity in selling us the Iraq war lies. So be it. But Disney, ABC, the Post’s editorial page, and even Fox are increasingly irrelevant to the national debate in this country as the internet supplants them as a source of news, and as some brave voices on television challenge the fascists in the White House and in the corporate boardrooms that own our media. And now is the time for Democrats and those brave souls in the media to challenge those that sold us this war, who now want other folks to send more of their kids to die for it, and tell them to get off their right-wing asses and go to Baghdad themselves. When Bill Kristol and Rich Lowry grab a gun and head off to Baghdad, then I'll know how committed they are to this war. Until then, guys like Olbermann should make an example of them.

Thanks Keith.

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