Thursday :: Sep 14, 2006

Lucy Holding That Football Again?

by paradox

I missed my country horribly last December, for the New York Times had held onto the NSA story for over a year to save Bush’s ass for the election. There was even the blatant lying on videotape, but after all that screaming about lying and adhering to the law for Clinton the “journalism” corps just shrugged and said, okay. A propaganda corps had so obviously taken over in my country, a sickening empirical display of human regression.

Then Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats rolled over without a fight, not able to censure the president, not able to vote against Hayden, not able to do a damn thing to stop the spying or rally the base for a fight. I have not been the same since.

Oh, I still read voraciously and write sporadically, sometimes throwing a comment around, but I’m enormously cautious viewing Democrats and have not given a cent for this cycle, which is extremely unusual for me. Normally I’m very excited by an election cycle and have contributed at least 15 times by now, but I can’t do a thing this year.

Are the Democrats going to fight this election cycle or squander another chance in horrifying obsequiousness? I don’t know. I’m not willing to risk my mental energy, hope and money on Democrats anymore—not yet. There’s approximately 50 days before the election, that means that Lucy (the Democrats) are holding that football again. Last three elections I’ve ran very hard to wind up a mighty kick in the election, only to crash on my ass every time. No more.

I’m not placing faith in Democrats until they prove they can fight. That can start today with letting the netroots precisely know what the hell happened yesterday in the Senate Judiciary committee on Specter’s and Feinstein’s NSA bills. Both passed to the full Senate, yet they nullify each other.

I could care less. All I want to know is the precise strategy for filibustering Specter’s bill and letting that vichy traitor Feinstein’s bill die. There is nothing wrong with FISA, and Democrats fully cooperated before in amending it. Bush then broke the law anyway and became a felon who needs to be impeached.

Before that Specter’s abomination must be stopped, which should be easy to do. That’s what opposition parties do and if Reid and Democrats don’t do it I will do nothing this cycle: no money, no calling, no canvassing, no voter registration, no coding, no graphics, nothing. I refuse to sacrifice my soul and precious mental energy for leadership that will not fight for me, not for this cycle at least.

The president is a lying felon for spying on Americans. If the Democrats do not stop this Lucy is holding that football again.

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