Thursday :: Sep 14, 2006

Bush Loses Four GOP Senators On Detainee Treatment Bill

by Steve

MSNBC image

Sorry Karl, your "Democrats appease terrorists" campaign is dead.

Warner, McCain, Graham, and Susan Collins just stuck it to Bush in the Armed Services Committee on a 15-9 vote when they sided with the Democrats against the White House on detainee interrogation and treatment, hours after Colin Powell blew up the GOP's fall campaign. I doubt that it helped when Tony Snow indicated that Powell was confused on the issue. (By the way Tony, what war did you fight in?) And it probably isn't going to help that Bush told the House GOP that the primary goal is to protect the homeland, a week after he encouraged the Pakistanis to give Osama a free pass.

Doesn't this blow up the media's favorite GOP storyline that only the Democrats are disunited?

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