Thursday :: Sep 14, 2006

Reid to Filibuster Specter NSA Bill if Necessary

by paradox

Incredibly good news to come out of the Reid blogger conference call this afternoon: Arlen Specter’s foul, pernicious NSA giveaway of the constitution will never make it out of the Senate. Reid will filibuster the bill if necessary to kill it before this session is out, there’s only 2-3 weeks left.

Feinstein’s bill has the support of a few Republican senators, but it will probably fade to nothing before the session expires, or be defeated on floor vote.

Thank you, Senator Reid. It is difficult to express how grateful I am for such a correct, principled stand in defense of some of our most precious rights and freedoms. It is absolutely the correct thing to do; allowing the Specter bill to become law would have been disastrous, and fighting it restores a measure of my faith in the Democrats.

Harry Reid seemed a little piqued that citizens would complain that he’s being a pesky obstructionist. Senator Reid, you’re supposed to obstruct and stop the most perniciously lying and law-breaking administration in modern history. The more you do it the more the felons and their surrogates will complain, of course. It means you’re doing you’re job correctly.

The louder the complaining gets, the better you’re doing. Please make it get much louder. Just keep that in mind, Harry, keep fighting like hell and always know obstructing Bush is precisely what’s needed and expected of you. We’re always here to back you up in any fight.

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