Friday :: Sep 15, 2006

Open Thread - GOP Rebellion Edition

by Steve

Photo courtesy of AFP

Earlier today, when word first broke that four GOP senators voted against Bush on detainee interrogations and trials, and sided with Senate Armed Services Committee Democrats, I believed these senators would cave next week and give Bush what he wants as they always do. Now, I’m not so sure after reading John McCain’s response to the Administration’s proposal today.

The senators say their bill will protect the C.I.A. by refining the war crimes act, which criminalizes violations of Common Article 3, to specifically enumerate what violations constitute war crimes.
"What General Hayden wants us to do is immunize him not from liability but from criticism," Mr. McCain said after the vote, "because if one of his techniques is made public and he gets criticized, then he can say, ‘Well, Congress told me to do it.’ He’s trying to protect his reputation at the risk of America’s reputation."

Ouch. Didn’t McCain just confirm this guy to the CIA?

The defeat today has forced the White House to possibly withdraw from fighting the issue on the Senate floor next week and to try and get what it wants from a House-Senate conference committee stacked with right wing loons from the House and pliant dupes from the Senate. But the final bill will still have to come back before the Senate for approval, and it isn’t clear why McCain and the others would support it then.

OK, it's your turn.

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