Friday :: Sep 15, 2006

Friday Night Wrap-up / Open Thread

by paradox

A few noteworthy items on this pretty September day:

California has banned the use of phones in automobiles without headsets. So? People will still be on the phone while driving, surely one of the most regressive social habits of our lifetimes.

Automobiles are death traps, killing 30,000 Americans a year. Why would anyone willingly get distracted driving one? It’s never made any sense, and hopefully we can ban using the phone while driving altogether one day.

Ford Motor Company announced plans to cut 44,000 jobs by 2008 today, both white collar and factory. The stock ripped down 15% with no bright elements to report anywhere.

It’s a terrible day for those workers—President Wiretap told them go get in an education to solve this problem, but no one has two years, minimum, to switch to a paying career track. It’s a wrenching time of instability, home strife, moves to find jobs, and prolonged unemployment sliding into poverty. The children will suffer a great deal too.

It’s just outrageous the federal government doesn’t care. A pittance for unemployment and then cast onto the shitheap of American employment—too bad you only got one shot at life, American, we’ve got a fortune to squander in Iraq. Beat it.

It does not have to be this way, and it’s easily possible to build a society that protects and helps the American worker. At least with Democrats in power there’s a chance.

It’s extremely rare for a big-time professional American athlete to take a controversial political stand. They’re entertainers and offending potentially half their audience is an extremely bad idea.

Yet here is Jake Plummer being very courageous on behalf of Pat Tillman. Thanks to Crooks & Liars for the link, and thank you, Jake Plummer, for the bravery and the integrity. I’m extremely impressed, sir. I’ll never be able to root for Denver, but, well, good luck.

Consider this an Open Friday Night Thread.

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