Saturday :: Sep 16, 2006

Open Thread - And Then There Were Five

by Steve

So Bush goes on the attack against his own party today in a news conference where he demonstrated some emotional instability. He lashed out at the GOP senators who had the nerve to disagree with him on detainee treatment; made a stupid threat that the CIA would stop the program if he didn't get what he wants; and capped off his manic performance by taking a swipe at Colin Powell for something Powell didn't say. A true demonstration of a stupid, dangerous fascist who has no business as commander in chief.

The net result: A fifth GOP senator, Olympia Snowe, has now joined McCain, Warner, Graham, and Collins to oppose Bush on the issue. Sure, they'll all cave next week like wet toilet paper, but it is fun to watch anyway.

And reader Carol Kelly tells us there may be a good reason Bush looked out of control today at the thought that he won't be getting the political cover he wants immediately from the detainee legislation: Jonathan Turley on Olbermann's "Countdown" tonight speculated that the 14 high value suspects recently transfered to Guantanamo will reveal to the International Red Cross that they were tortured in violation of the Geneva Convention protocols, which, you know, is a war crime and in violation of our constitution.

OK, take it away.

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