Sunday :: Sep 17, 2006

Sunday Evening Wrap-up / Open Thread

by paradox

A few gems gleaned from blogtopia on this absolutely gorgeous September day:

Billmon sadly notes that The Washington Post, co-conspirator in the vast network of American liberal media, “broke” the story of criminal crony negligence at the Iraqi CPA last week when, if fact, the story was accurately reported three years ago by two blog writers and The Washington Monthly.

Eric Alterman, linked above in his current best format at Think Again, lost his Altercation gig but had Media Matters take him on. It’s a worthy bookmark, and the folks at Media Matters have earned yet again more gratitude.

Everyone knows people in power get perks, and sometimes the powerful lose sight of good taste and decorum in getting what they want. Via Tom Tomorrow, via Pacific Views, we learn the story of how Poodle somehow filched a bust of Churchill for our little shit president, and since Tony Blair is now one of the most radioactive and unlikeable kiss-assers on the planet, well, his people want that bust back, it got yanked out of procedure, so to speak.

The Brits will never get it back—Bush is going to hold that bust dear to his chest until he dies, and no one will have the courage to ask him for it. Watch.

Glenn Greenwald notes an interesting fact: the freak named John Yoo is actually employed as a tenured university law professor. Really.

Where? The University of California, Berkeley. John Yoo is a tenured law professor at a public university.

Have a safe, wonderful evening. Consider this an Open Thread.

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