Monday :: Sep 18, 2006

Dems Look Good For 3 GOP Senate Pickups

by Steve

I had planned to stay away from any ongoing coverage of Senate or House poll updates until October 1. But the GOP has been feeding the media a storyline of late that the “all terror, all the time” focus by the White House since September 1st has improved the party’s chances to maintain control of both houses of Congress. Three new polls from Rasmussen of all places indicate that Democratic Senate pickups in Montana, Ohio, and Rhode Island are possible.

In Montana, Jon Tester has a 9-point lead over incumbent Conrad Burns.

In Ohio, Sherrod Brown has upped his previous 3-point lead to 6 points over incumbent Mike DeWine.

And in Rhode Island, incumbent Lincoln Chafee has survived a primary challenge, only to find himself trailing Democratic challenger Sheldon Whitehouse by 8 points.

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