Tuesday :: Sep 19, 2006

Mark Warner Spews GOP Talking Points

by Steve

Mark Warner told a group of Iowa businesspeople that Democrats are wrong when they oppose upper income tax cuts, because even though only 2% of the population benefits from these cuts, everyone aspires to be rich. This is the same argument that GOP strategists have been using against Democrats for years.

Warner specifically pointed out that the Kerry campaign blew it in 2004 for talking against the Bush tax cuts, which have done little if anything to live up to the job-creation promises upon which they were sold. Instead, Warner said that the wealthy might be convinced to accept tax increases if it is sold as part of an overall fiscal strategy of “trimming government waste and curbing spending.” In other words, after letting the wealthy rob the bank during an alleged time of war, Warner thinks they might be convinced to accept increases if "waste" and spending on programs the wealthy don't care about are cut.

What a bunch of pathetic, DLC crap.

Instead, Warner supports letting the wealthy keep their tax cuts until they expire in the next decade. Conveniently for Warner, this avoids the tough task of telling the wealthy that there is no free lunch in wartime while we saddle our children with bills our generation did not pay. I’m sure the Chinese will keep underwriting our debt for us while our economy slides into second-world status. And I’m sure that the Average Joe has no problem racking up another decade of debt to finance the Bush foreign policy and Warner’s next war in Iran while that 2% at the top continue to avoid their fair share of the burden here at home.

It appears that the concepts of tax fairness and the declining tax burden on the wealthy in this country are alien concepts to Mr. Warner. I’m sure that all those wealthy people will agree to give back their tax cuts after the “waste” known as Social Security, food stamps, student loans and Medicaid have been cut.

Guess what Mr. Warner: they still won’t vote for a Democrat who doesn’t have the guts to confront the issue head on and call for tax reform and fairness. The GOP has been waging class warfare on the middle class for decades, yet this seemingly escapes your attention.

Solving problems at home, and being the leader of the free world is not cheap Mr. Warner. Nor is protecting your soldiers, providing health security to your citizens, taking care of your communities, protecting our environment, and maintaining our economic and security infrastructure. After 9/11, there is no room for freeloaders at the top while we go without here at home and in the field of battle.

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