Wednesday :: Sep 20, 2006

Open Thread - Deteriorating Iraq Edition

by Steve

As two more bombings rock Iraq late Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, the Wednesday New York Times reports that Bush Administration officials and Iraqis themselves are now questioning whether or not Prime Minister al-Maliki can keep the country from falling into a full scale civil war. Of course, this is the same prime minister Bush was praising just last month. The biggest complaint against the prime minister seems to be that he is unwilling to allow his own security forces to challenge the various Shiite militias, while the Sunnis feel that al-Maliki is too close to Iran and refuses to set a timeline for the Americans to leave.

And now our senior commanders tell us that the 140,000 troops they have in Iraq may not be enough to stop the sectarian violence that threatens the country, and have not only quashed any troop withdrawals but in fact will need more troops just to keep the situation from getting worse.

Yes, we just keep getting lied to over and over again, and the media swallows it hook, line, and sinker.

OK, it’s your turn.

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