Wednesday :: Sep 20, 2006

McAuliffe Thinks He'll Be Hillary's Campaign Chief Next Year

by Steve

Well, despite my hopes that Hillary Clinton would forego a run for the White House in 2008 and instead use her vast war chest this year to help the Democrats retake the Senate and then become a Democratic leader in 2007, there are new rumblings that she will make the race in 2008. According to The Hill newspaper on Capitol Hill, former DNC chair Terry McAuliffe is telling business associates, perhaps in boast, that he will be Hillary’s national campaign chairman next year when she announces. Since McAuliffe’s only accomplishment from his time as a Clinton stand-in at the party was to raise money and flop at party-building, we can assume that with McAuliffe aboard the Clinton team would focus on raising piles of money before the end of 2007 to scare away challengers and narrow the field before a shot is even fired.

Swell. The only other Democrats mentioned who are laying early groundwork and would have the money necessary to not be scared off by Clinton are Mark Warner and John Kerry. And for those among us who want better choices, it appears you’ll have to hope for another candidate to rise from the netroots and small-dollar donors. This leaves room for John Edwards to use his labor and progressive base, as well as the 800-lb gorilla in the room after his next book comes out in May, and even Barack Obama, whom some Republicans inside the White House fear. But Hillary’s move to blow competitors off the stage with $100 million of advance money can narrow the field way too early, when she will have done little if anything to make sure there will be a Democratic congress to greet a Democratic president in 2009.

Update: Terry Mac isn't exactly walking away from this story today.

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