Thursday :: Sep 21, 2006

Media Keeps Looking For Ponies

by Steve

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One of the reasons the GOP enjoys their hammerlock on our government is because of the poor analytical skills and the outright laziness of our political media. It's easy to stay in power when you can marginalize the likes of Helen Thomas and David Gregory as being too hostile because they ask tough questions and expect answers to those questions, and then reward the stenographers in the room masquerading as reporters with a few cocktail weenies and holiday parties and BBQ's at the ranch. And as long as the editors at these media outlets allow this none-too-subtle media management to continue without banding together to reclaim the prerogatives of the Fourth Estate, then the GOP deception and slide towards fascism will go on unabated.

Examples of a lazy media eagerly spinning a GOP storyline and still investing in this administration qualities that have never been demonstrated are evident every day. Two that you can see for yourself are from the National Journal's Chuck Todd today, who asks if the GOP recovery will take them to the midterms. Memo to Chuck: As evidenced by the CBS News/NYT poll that came out yesterday, there has been no Bush bounce, yet you allow the White House and Gallup to convince you there has. By your own criteria in the story, since there has been no Bush bounce, and in fact, since the GOP Congress is rated at its lowest level ever, then it is time for "Katy to bar the door." But you can't bring yourself to say that yet, can you, because it isn't in the storyline.

Second, Newsweek's usually solid Michael Hirsh pens a piece online today that, with a straight face, puts forward the suggestion that Bush emulate Nixon's breakthrough with China by reaching out to Iran. I hope you had put your coffee down before reading that, and if you hadn't, I'm sorry about the mess on your keyboard.

We are nearly six years into an administration that has admitted error and accepted responsibility on virtually none of its many screw-ups, and is even less likely to reward a member of the "Axis of Evil" with face time, and yet Hirsh waxes hopeful that Bush will become Nixon and Condi will become Kissinger. Mentioning Bush in the same sentence as Nixon does a gross disservice to the world view and intellect of the latter. What in all of the recent statements by this president gives Hirsh the slightest indication that Bush possesses the intellect, flexibility, and ability to grasp opportunity that such a move would require?

Please God, deliver unto this country a better media.

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