Thursday :: Sep 21, 2006

Democrats and the Detainee Compromise.

by soccerdad

I am not the political expert that others here are but it seems to me that baring some major fight over the "habeus corpus" issue in the detainee bill, the Republicans have once again hammered the mostly silent and complacent Democrats into submission and with about six weeks to go are building momentum to maintain control of Congress.


Despite those disclaimers, it is a political moment and there surely are — with five weeks to go until the election — some who reap benefits and some who come away disappointed.

Political winners, assuming the detainee deal is drafted and goes to a floor vote in the the House and Senate:

Bush: In return for making some concessions, he gets clear guidance for CIA interrogators on what they can and can’t do to detainees and he ends an intra-party impasse.
McCain: Conservative commentators had attacked him for blocking Bush on the detainee tribunals but now he can resume his courtship of the GOP rank and file as he looks to the 2008 presidential nomination.
Probable losers: Civil libertarians who may still object to the tribunals and Democrats who have been laying low on the issue, apparently assuming that McCain-Bush impasse would prevent any deal. “They painted themselves into a corner,” said GOP Senate aide Don Stewart. “They said, ‘I’m with McCain,’ and now McCain has reached an agreement.”

Now Reid looks like a moron for mocking Bush and the "Do nothing Congress" only hours before the compromise. What we had was a situation where Bush looked like an out of control petulent child demanding his right to torture people, an image that was not setting well with people. We now have the situation where the current Republican controlled Congress has appeared to have reigned in Bush and get him under control. Having done this decreases, somewhat, the apparent need to change the status quo in November.

Then we have the Democrats response to Hugo Chavez's speech at the UN where we have Pelosi and Rangel, standing up for Bush. They didn't even bother to say something along the line that although some criticism may have been warrented, Chavez should not have taken the tact he did. No it would appear from the way its being reported that the Dems back Bush.

The last chance the Democrats have is to buy some balls somewhere and make a major issue of the still controversial issues remaining in the detainee bill. If they fail to take a stand it will show once and for all the uselessness of the Democratic Party as an opposition party.

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