Sunday :: Sep 24, 2006

Those great old American values

by soccerdad

Maybe the reason I feel so out of place is that I have not adopted the great American values. From the great arbiter of American values himself, the gambling addicted Bill Bennett via Bruce Wilson at Talk2Action

I'm at the 2006 "Voter Values" conference sponsored by the Family Research Council, and this morning's first prominent speaker was Sean Hannity, followed by William Bennett. Recounting the incident that led to a massive US military assault on the Iraqi city of Fallujah - and implying that the US response to the deaths of four American private mercenaries working for Blackwater USA was somehow mild , Bennet stated : "When four Americans are hung and the city cheers, you take out Fallujah. You level the city...." Bennett then cited the example of the destruction of Hiroshima. Bennett's exhortation to mass collective punishment - the slaughter of hundreds or thousands of innocent civilians perhaps, or at least the destruction of their homes and cities - received enthusiastic applause
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