Sunday :: Sep 24, 2006

Allen's Racism Comes Out Again

by Steve

Put a fork in George Allen’s reelection effort and his 2008 chances of being president. He’s done now.

Three former college football teammates of Sen. George Allen say that the Virginia Republican repeatedly used an inflammatory racial epithet and demonstrated racist attitudes toward blacks during the early 1970s.
"Allen said he came to Virginia because he wanted to play football in a place where 'blacks knew their place,'" said Dr. Ken Shelton, a white radiologist in North Carolina who played tight end for the University of Virginia football team when Allen was quarterback. "He used the N-word on a regular basis back then."
A second white teammate, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because he feared retribution from the Allen campaign, separately claimed that Allen used the word "nigger" to describe blacks. "It was so common with George when he was among his white friends. This is the terminology he used," the teammate said.
A third white teammate contacted separately, who also spoke on condition of anonymity out of fear of being attacked by the Virginia senator, said he too remembers Allen using the word "nigger," though he said he could not recall a specific conversation in which Allen used the term. "My impression of him was that he was a racist," the third teammate said.
Oh, don’t get me wrong. Racist lizards like Allen can easily get the 2008 nomination in today’s GOP, as long as they can pass themselves off as more Christian and more conservative than John McCain. Allen may still be a player in 2008 because the American Taliban slime like the Perkins and the Wildmons would rather have a racist at the top of the ticket than they would someone who actually was inclusive and knew how Christ lived his life. But I don’t think that Allen can fend off Webb after this.
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