Monday :: Sep 25, 2006

What The Hell Did YOU Do Mr. Bush To Stop Al Qaeda?

by Steve

Image courtesy of Crooks and Liars

Another missile strike from Olbermann tonight. Plainly put, the right wing made a mistake in opening a new front against the Democrats by trying to blame them for 9/11. As Olbermann noted tonight, by making an issue of this, it only highlights a truth that America and specifically the media have been dodging for five years: exactly what the hell did the Bush Administration do to stop Al Qaeda between the inauguration and September 11, 2001?

Exactly nothing.

You guys on the right want to pawn off responsibility for another one of Bush’s failures onto someone else? Fine, bring it. But Clinton did a service for not only his party over the weekend, he also brought the major issue of the last five years to the forefront. Why did this administration do nothing with the information and warnings it had, and allow this country to be attacked on September 11, 2001? You don’t have to believe in 9/11 conspiracy theories to ask this legitimately. Where the hell were Bush, Cheney, and Rice during those eight months, and why have they gotten a free pass on this for the last five years?

Those days are over. From now on, in response to every attack by the GOP against the Democrats for their alleged lack of commitment to fighting the war on terror, we will respond simply: Why did you fail this country in 2001, and why are there more terrorists now than there were on September 11, 2001? If I were the Democrats, I would get Richard Clarke out there front and center as many times as possible the remainder of this campaign to push the storyline that Bush abdicated his responsibilities.

The same people who abdicated their responsibility to defend this country back in 2001 want you to give them another two years of total control. We can't afford any more negligence.

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