Thursday :: Sep 28, 2006

Arnie Signs Greenhouse Gas Bill, Short on Specifics & Personal Sacrifice

by paradox

After cursory initial analysis of the greenhouse gas emission bill signed by Schwarzenegger yesterday it’s easy to see why it passed: none of the details of how the goals are actually accomplished are codified (established by regulation later), there are opt-outs for industry and the governor, and the bill demands no personal sacrifice from ordinary Californians. All to be overseen by somebody else in the future, of course.

It goes without saying yesterday was an utter disaster for Angelides. Tony Blair heaped praise on Gropy signing a landmark environmental law while Angelides’ campaign co-chair chattered praise for Arnie in both English and Spanish—bilingual political suicide. The corporate Sacramento Bee is on its knees this morning, blubbering that when Gropy signs a bill, it’s *Star Time*. Good luck, Phil.

California is supposed to cut emissions with regulations on power plants, utilities, cement makers, and various manufacturing sectors. Screamingly absent are any proposed regulations on container ships, automobiles, home saving elements (insulation, windows, appliances, solar augmentation, lighting), or even home micro-generation models.

This bill can only be a good thing, but it’s a shame its goals are so modest and ask so little from California citizens. Emissions could quite comfortably be cut 75% by 2020 with auto and home elements included. Citizens of this great state would be giddy to help save our planet and get our ridiculously oil-addicted asses out of the Middle East forever if the case is presented properly, but the leadership in Sacramento doesn’t think enough of them to try.

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