Saturday :: Sep 30, 2006

Open Thread

by Steve

Every time I go away on business for a few days, all hell breaks loose, and it looks like I missed all the good stuff.

The al-Maliki government slapped an immediate curfew on Baghdad Saturday morning, after an aide to a leading Sunni politician was arrested for plotting a major attack inside the Green Zone.

Congress slapped a "no permanent bases/no grab for oil" restriction upon the Bush Administration Friday when it attached such a provision to the Iraq/Afghanistan supplemental appropriation bill, bringing the total committed by this government to fighting this failed war to over $500 billion. And two Bush Administration officials admitted today (on the record) that they still have no clue what they are doing in Iraq:

Separately, a senior Pentagon official faulted the U.S. effort in Iraq yesterday, saying that authorities are "struggling" to coordinate various projects and operations there.
"We don't sufficiently have unity of effort yet," said Eric S. Edelman, the undersecretary of defense for policy. Speaking at a State Department conference on how the U.S. government should better conduct counterinsurgency campaigns, he added that he believes it would "take an ongoing adaptive effort" to do better. Specifically, he said, he would like to see more coordination of reconstruction work with military operations.
After Edelman spoke, Meghan O'Sullivan, the deputy national security adviser for Iraqi affairs, stood to say that "the White House sees this as a conference of consequence. We really are in need of new tools."

OK, it's your turn.

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