Saturday :: Sep 30, 2006

No Legs to Foley Story, He’s a Republican

by paradox

All across the blogosphere and to a significant extent the corporate media sex scandal crackles down the wires and prances through the ether, House leadership, homosexuality and criminal offenses caroming quickly through the political word, blood in the water. It’s big, it’s huge, it’s really going to hurt.

Horseshit. Foley is a Republican, and the only measure of damage to the GOP is his resignation and loss of House seat next term (not an insignificant hit, that). The corporate media will technically not be mendacious about it, reporting the facts for at most a week. If Foley gets arrested and arraigned they’ll duly report it, but that will emphatically be the end of the matter.

The corporate press is not a free press and they will give the GOP a complete pass on this, just as they do for everything. Jeff Gannon, what a fascinating episode that was, eh? I distinctly remember web commentary at the time saying this was it, this was huge, this time they bent over and humiliated the White House press corps right where they live, that had to be a story to crush them with.

Dream on. Perhaps 10% of the Americans can now accurately identify Jeff Gannon and the story.

Bush wearing a wire and cheating in the debates—pass. Bush becoming a domestic felon with NSA domestic spying—wait until after the election, then give him a total pass. Bush becoming an international war criminal on a number of counts (civilian casualties/sniping, use of chemical weapons, torture)—pass. The incredible fortune our great-great-great grandchildren will be paying for in Iraq—pass. The criminal way billions of that fortune have been stolen by cronies—pass.

I could go on for hours. Corporate propaganda rules in this country and they know their orders: do anything necessary to distract and hide the truth from the American public for the benefit of Republicans.

The erudite, totally researched story beaming forth from the blogs with fission energy this week will be ignored. Period. The corporate media has decided that (at least for now) not enough consumers read blogs and can blow them off in Gannonesque style. Remember when the blogosphere made a complete mockery of Bush’s “flip-flopper” tactic? Ignored by the propagandists and relentlessly used by Bush. Remember when Kerry kicked Bush’s ass three times in a row in the debates but the corporate whores never seemed to notice? Can one imagine what the story would have been like if Bush won three debates in a row?

This election will be won by Democrats telling the truth how we are led by war felon liars crushing the country and what real American values are. Too many disgusting Vichy Democrats like Dianne Feinstein will walk to re-election, but enough fresh blood will get in to begin change. Look at the current House analyses at MyDD—we’re going to win. It’s happening.

Not by any help at all from the corporate press. Nor will they help in the least in the next six weeks—[chuckles]—the American journalism corps, give me a break, those propagandists couldn’t report the truth to save their lives.

It’s very, very nice to get Foley’s seat. That’s all that will come from this.

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