Sunday :: Oct 1, 2006

Billary for Senate Majority Leader

by paradox

Watching Bill Clinton crush Chris Wallace last week naturally lead to meandering thoughts of Hillary and her run for the presidency. Putting aside anything else that might entail was the huge powerful influence of her husband in the scenario; if in fact Hillary were to become president, how much of the office would be possessed solely by her intellect? How much of our leadership, although ostensibly wearing the Hillary label, will in fact be run by Bill Clinton again?

This is precisely the sort of damaging situation the country finds itself in now—how much of our leadership is in fact run by Dick Cheney? Many would say at least 80%; Billmon describes it as the “Cheney Administration.” Before the country can even begin to figure out who’s responsible for real leadership it’s hidden and fractured, leading to lack of accountability and permanent mistrust that all is not what it seems, for the hidden power must be doing something else or pulling strings. It’s not a good place for the Republic to be.

Then I realized that if in fact Hillary were to serve two terms twenty eight years of consecutive Republic leadership would be Bush-Clinton-Bush-Clinton. Surely this cannot be healthy in its core reality, let alone the huge political risk of re-running past crap no one wants to deal with again, like processing Lizardhead Carville’s influence while he simultaneously sleeps with and rears the children of Mary Matalin, spokeswoman for the dark evil Vader Cheney. Please, not this again.

This isn’t going to work—along with all the extremely tough barriers Hillary must overcome this endless loop of Presidential Family Feud cannot continue. It would be much, much better for everyone if Hillary became Senate Majority Leader in 2007.

Check out the Senate forecast at MyDD—-we're getting both houses of Congress this fall. Hillary could have a leadership position of enormous influence and power that would be solely hers, not forever in the shadow of Bill. She could forget about election stress for the rest of her life, cruising every election for a permanent slot in the very elite political class of the country.

She could also do an enormous amount of good. I have always liked and admired Hillary Clinton, she has a fine soul, great brain and amazing life accomplishment list. Attractive, witty, mildly sexy, extremely intelligent, eternally respected with the greatest magnitude for taking all the filthy shit the Republicans wounded her very badly with and yet still fighting back, still being a tangible political power in DC.

Those gifts would serve the Senate, the country and the Democratic party extremely well as Senate Majority Leader. Winning Congress gives the Democrats a precious opportunity to forge a fresh identity and political position on the Iraq war: implement a planned pullout by 2008, no…fucking…way does an American president sit there for two years like some 12 year old abdicating responsibility for our soldier’s lives. It’s a totally conflagrating disaster of epic proportions, staying only makes it worse, we have to go and the people of the United States voted in a Democratic Congress to be responsible and lead. Do it, since that sulking little drunk refuses to.

Democrats have been horribly crippled since 2002 over the Iraq war vote, Hillary unfortunately one of the greatest transgressors. To her vast political detriment she still has not resolved this massive obstacle, but a 2007 Democratic Congress and Senate Majority Leader slot provides gives her and the party a screaming great chance to forge a new identity and position on the war.

The people voted the Democrats into office to initiate real change. Finally, at last, those cowards can be brave from the empirical reality of their majority. In theory.

Good luck, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Lizardhead and Peter Daou and Bill won’t get you the presidency or any help from me trying, but as Senate Majority Leader you’d get everything I have. I’d like to see both of us and the county in that spot, oh yes, very much so, ma’am.

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