Monday :: Oct 2, 2006

Why Does The GOP Want The Taliban Back In Power?

by Steve

First, the Bush Administration encourages Pervez Musharraf to back off of pursuing Al Qaeda and Bin Laden in Waziristan, thereby letting the Taliban come across the Afghanistan border in strength and take control of the Afghan side of the border, increasing the level of attacks against NATO and our own troops.

Then, the Brits cut their own deal with the Taliban over the weekend to slink away and ditch Bush’s war on terror, allowing the Taliban to eventually take over southern Afghanistan and provide a sanctuary for Bin Laden.

Our local commanders in southern Afghanistan have on their own initiative decided to focus more on nation-building than pursuing the Taliban, in a perhaps-too-late effort to win over the locals.

Then today, Mullah Frist says it is time to trust the Taliban again and let them into the Karzai government.

I think it is time for Hamid Karzai to get on a plane and get out of town before he gets killed by Bush and Blair’s new allies.

Tell me again, which political party appeases terrorists?

Update: Mullah Frist now says the media got it wrong. Poor Billy; he is so misunderstood.

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