Tuesday :: Oct 3, 2006

9/11 Commission a Sick Whitewash

by paradox

The Left Coaster and all the liberal blogs have been abuzz about Woodward’s revelation that Condi Rice met with Tenet and Black July 10th, 2001, for a frantic meeting warning of imminent Al Queda attack on US soil.

Members of the 9/11 have been outraged they did not know of the meeting, some calling it a crime. Yesterday Condi was thrown under the bus (motives unclear) by the White House, who confirmed the meeting did in fact take place.

Then we learn this morning from a Kos diary that the 9/11 commission did know of this meeting, (Rumsfeld and Ashcroft got the same Tenet briefing too) from “secret testimony.”

“Former CIA Director George Tenet gave the independent Sept. 11, 2001, commission the same briefing on Jan. 28, 2004, but the commission made no mention of the warning in its 428-page final report.”

I’m as flabbergasted and incredulous as I have ever been—what in name of holy Jesus, Mary & Joseph is going on here? How is it possible for 9/11 commission members not to know of this meeting after Tenet testimony, or to lie so easily in the last few days? Just what the fuck else was so “secret” about 9/11 that they’d leave something so critical deliberately out!?

How is it possible these scumbags, these lowest form of life sonzabitches asshole maggots, how could they ever think of lying to the American public about 9/11? Didn’t they possess any idea of the rage and fury such behavior would provoke among every American?

If you own a copy of 9/11 Commission Report use it to start fires, that’s all it’s good for. I still can hardly believe I have written the above words, but I have.

How dare they. How dare they do this to Americans and our country.

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