Thursday :: Oct 5, 2006

Happy to be Wrong on Foley Sex Scandal Scope

by paradox

With the second GOP head to go bippity-bop bippity-bop rolling down the Capitol steps from the Mark Foley scandal (Foley chief of staff Kirk Fordham) it’s time to state I was wrong about the projected scope of the Foley scandal. It is being fully exposed, and the Speaker of the House could resign today (third one in a row to leave in disgrace).

I apologize for stating a self-fulfilling prophecy of defeat. A hundred rationalizations are desperately trying to make it through my fingers but in the end it’s always a mistake.

Even though this scandal cannot be contained it does not mean the corporate media will do everything they can to minimize it, and Media Matters is all over it, of course. For once, just this once at least, the propaganda entity described as the US journalism corps is going to fail to cover for and enable GOP felons.

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