Thursday :: Oct 5, 2006

Thursday Evening Wrap-up [updated], Open Thread

by paradox

UPDATE: Keith Olbermann flat-out calls Bush a liar tonight. Please see the last item; finally, someone said it. Thank you, Mr. Olberman.


Perusing a story at Think Progress on the 3,456th way Glenn Reynolds is a disgusting low-life I was extremely amused to see another element: in the last six months Instapundit’s audience has gone down 55%.

Yo Glenn, being a totalitarian bitch drives people away. Please keep on, asshole, into total totalitarian oblivion, we like the empirical rejection.


Via Drum comment threads, via The National Review, one finds this fact:

“…in the years 1995, 1996, and 1997, there were between 10,000 and 18,000 worksite arrests of illegals annually. In the same years about 1,000 employers were served notices of fines for employing them. Under the Bush administration, worksite arrests fell to 159 in 2004…” [emphasis added]

What freaking worst element of reality won’t the goddamn Republicans endorse, anyway? They persecute desperate powerless Mexicans putting food on our tables and exploit rank human fears in blaming them for our problems, all the while hoping to erect a monstrous horrifying fence along the border.

I apologize to my brothers and sisters in Mexico again for these horrifying, racist, bigoted, hypocritical, lying sleazoid scumbags we call political leaders in the United States. They stole their way in and exploited 9/11 and war to stay, but in five weeks the good people and the real Christians of the United States are going to vote a huge chunk of them out. Please be patient with us, and for a third time, I apologize for the offensive racist idiots who currently lead our country.


For those who follow our terrible journalism their has long been a droll joke: no matter what happens, why, the GOP just comes out all sparkly.

Via Eschaton, we see that if Hastert goes it’s a disaster and if he stays it’s a debacle.

A win-win for the Democrats. Fuck you, US journalism corps, no spin ever gets rid of how this Foley gem is always good for Democrats. Have a nice weekend.


The precise direct result of seven years of coddling Bush was on rank terrible display Wednesday as Bush lied through his teeth [again]:

"One hundred and seventy-seven of the opposition party said, 'You know, we don't think we ought to be listening to the conversations of terrorists,...”

No Democrat has ever said that, not once. Straw man my ass, it’s plain total lying. I was never more embarrassed as an American when Bush stormed the country in 2005 lying that Social Security would “default” if he couldn’t wreck it.

Bush never said a word about Social Security in the campaign—to spin around and declare his highest priority was a terrible lie, let along the childish lies he would constantly make about the health of Social Security.

Thank you so much, US “journalism” corps. You’ve failed so completely the President of the United States lies childishly at every turn, humiliating all of us. He does it because he can, no one calls him on it. Go ahead, use your ridiculous word, mendacity. Our men and women are dying every day from lies, yet those “journalists” can’t even use the word “liar.”

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