Saturday :: Oct 7, 2006

Unbelievable: Taliban Getting Stronger

by paradox

As part of our record $495 billion defense budget the Army is taking the unusual step of going around the Secretary’s office—Rumsfeld—to submit final budgeting proposals to the OMB. Rumsfeld cannot do it himself because the Army proposal contradicts two of his most cherished goals: decreasing personnel and buying new generations of super-techno equipment.

Unsaid in the source above is that the Army is desperate to get more men and equipment replaced because every day the Army spends losing in Iraq and Afghanistan is a day it gets progressively weaker.

Should one of our NATO allies face invasion this year we, the strongest nation on earth, would not be able to help. $450 billion annually has, this very day, delivered a busted Army desperate to get its equipment back, unable to undertake any mission other than limping home and trying to get whole again.

With this comforting news arrives word that the Taliban is getting stronger in Afghanistan. Does anyone else remember winter and spring of 2002? Bush had 90% approval ratings, the media was a laser on Afghanistan, and soon there was a incessant amount of crowing in the great victory over the Taliban. Just four years ago, yet the Taliban are back. Unbelievable.

Bush and the he-man kick-ass killer Republicans, so sneeringly contemptuous of weak, know-nothing-defense Democrats, have utterly failed in every military goal given to them in six years. They’ve alienated the world against us, become war criminals, killed tens of thousands, spent an incomprehensible fortune, broken the Army and lied spectacularly about it all the whole time.

It goes without saying we are much, much less safer losing in Iraq and Afghanistan. We’re still broke and borrowing like mad. There is no one, not a Democrat or Republican, on the horizon who has any answer on how to get us out of these incredible extremely dangerous messes. Naturally, the United States chose to get itself into this path of self-destruction. Perhaps the next time some insane mental patients say we should go to war for something a country might do to us we should lock them up instead of listening seriously to them.

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