Sunday :: Oct 8, 2006

Why You’re Reading This

by paradox

Lie to your spouse or partner a few times and experience the joys of single life again very soon. Lie on your resume and you’ll be fired. Lie to your friends and instantly find loneliness. Lie to a cop, judge or the IRS and you’ll go to prison.

Lie repeatedly and outrageously in an election and win public office. That’s the pathetic, sick reality this country now finds itself in and will likely lead to its destruction (that’s what “unsustainable” economic and foreign policies mean, by the way).

This is aberrant, psychotic behavior that has somehow creeped into our national consciousness as perfectly normal and acceptable, when obviously it’s not. Truth and honesty are two of the most highly prized human character traits in human relationships, and public official lying is going to stop.

Not by any efforts of the national “journalism” corps. Our putridly lame “journalism” ethos have devolved into an “he said - she said” absurdity of obfuscation with the truth and facts empirically defined nowhere. I have personally seen this sick model get completely overrun in the last 15 years as the Republicans went completely amok and lied with ever more abandon and United States “journalism” morph into propaganda, prodded on by their corporate masters.

We were lied to about Iraq’s weapons and to this day, incredibly, Dick Cheney struts around at fundraisers and mouths pure fantasies about Saddam’s non-existent “wmd’s.” It is considered an extraordinary, amazing journalism moment when a journalist finally, after six long years, calls Bush the screaming liar the little shit has always been. Seven years better late than never, one supposes, although the dead and maimed likely have a different reaction.

Humans crave and demand the truth and know they’ll die if they abandon it. We need truth to survive and won’t tolerate it being abused. The ridiculous “journalism” we currently suffer from that cannot declare even basic truth has created a massive vacuum. That’s why you’re reading this, we’ve all been lied to so many times in the corporate media we’ve abandoned them to a significant degree.

The alternative is the truth to be found in blogs and their authors. The numbers keep going up month after month for political blogs in a relentless empirical confirmation that the truth is being found and come back for—and also told to others. Lying consistently is an absurdly easy trait for a human to catch, and blogs would not hold their readers if they did not revere and reveal the truth.

I have long argued that the corporate press allows lying to hide and promote, naturally, the corporate agenda: obviate labor rights and pay, escape taxation, avoid all regulation and selectively close and open markets. This is true but the phenomena of accepted lying by public officials is also the product of a casual drift of human laziness.

The closest example I can come up with to this lazy drift is the shrinking strike zone of major league baseball 1975 – 2000. For unfathomable reasons it became stylish to shrink the strike zone from the letters to the knees to the midriff to knees (nipples to knees to bellybutton to knees is another way to describe it) starting around 1975.

For 75 years a strike at the letters was a strike—until it wasn’t anymore. Finally, after 20 years of denial about what was really the truth—Sandy Alderson of Oakland A’s fame vigorously enforced the “high” strike in 2000 and it’s mostly—but not totally—accepted again.

So somehow journalists and the public got casually used to being lied to, it’s just normal times. Well like Mahablog always says, these ain’t normal times and we have tens of thousands dead in the last three years to slap us in the face about how stupid it was to accept lying from public servants.

Friday I heard a blogger chuckle for the first time, a low voice on the far, far end of the line blessedly reassuring and calming me. I’d never met her or spoken to her before but followed her blogging career closely for four years, just as I have with about 30 bloggers. I was worried, that’s all, and it was a great, great thing to finally talk to her.

She has never earned one cent for unbelievable hours of brutal labor and sacrifice on her blogs. At one point I was sure she was on a neurosis trip with obsession an obscure issue, while she then proceeded to get worldwide recognition for it. She’ll do all that for the truth, the precious truth and knowledge, and pass it on to her readers.

Because the truth is critically important blogs will swarm and thrive. Our corporate media is forever tainted and not trusted for this gruesome, evil war for lies. We are a long, long way from the horror being over, either, and we all know the long list of other urgent problems. All because we got used to being lied to in a corporate media environment.

Blogging is here to stay to forever change that. If that doesn’t become reality I don’t care, I’ll die happy trying.

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