Monday :: Oct 9, 2006

Bush Doesn’t Have Two Years to Put Off Iraq

by paradox

One could surmise the flaming meteor plummet of the GOP poll numbers that came in today as revulsion at the Foley sex scandal, the reaction to the latest NIE that say Iraq makes us less safe, or finally a tipping point of general revulsion at our lying killing war felons making up the Executive branch.

One must never discount a free fall at the sole variable of the Iraq war, however. I have been continually stunned the last three years as our culture, so steeped in militarism and glorification of soldiers, has essentially blown off the lives of 160,000 soldiers in Iraq, content to let Bush continually lie as he insists on doing nothing differently until he leaves office.

Atrios is convinced this vile situation will firmly stick in place until the day Bush leaves. Steve Gilliard is sure Bush will never finish his term, for one day, sooner or later, the US will have to leave Iraq and Steve thinks Bush will have to be removed somehow as it unfolds in 2007 or 2008.

The start of this process may have started last week when Bill Kristol got excoriated on Fox News, of all places, for the “revolting, disgusting” reality of leaving soldiers out in the field to die and be horribly maimed for purely specious political reasons.

One day, in some way, the American public is going to hold Bush accountable for cleaning up or ending that incredible mess in Iraq. If it means losing and chaos and horrible humiliating defeat so be it, those were the god damn risks Bush was sold “bold” to undertake. Time to pay up like an adult. Like an American President adult.

American presidents do not go to war and then sit on their ass in sullen, lying denial while thousands of our men and women die for nothing but war crimes. Atrios is wrong, it’s not going to happen. No president can do that to our military or our people for another 833 days.

How Iraq resolution can unfold is a total mystery to me; given the track record of our Vichy Democrats it seems impossible they can muster the moxie to reign in our completely out of control Executive, as Tristero is sure they can’t, even with both Houses of Congress in Democratic control.

Totally unseen, yes, but positive in the end result: resolution and responsibility by Bush or the Republicans for bringing Iraq to a definitive close. Not even in this saccharine, commercial-soaked culture of minimal political intelligence will the American public tolerate our soldiers being sacrificed indefinitely.

Being at 33% is just the start of your education, George Bush. You don’t have two years to blow off Iraq and the lives of our people.

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